Invest in your team, your greatest asset

High turnover and low moral have increased in small businesses healthcare teams due to the unprecedented pressures of 2020.

"Stress, anxiety, frustration, burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed were the most common feelings reported by those on the front lines."

Jeff Lagasse, Healthcare Finance, Associate Editor
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ENGAGEMENT & PRODUCTIVITY e3 Employee Engagement Team Workshop

Envision your business or practice as a place where employees love their work, give their full energy and attention to their work every day, and think of creative ways to make your office thrive. There are proven systems that make that dream a reality and it all happens through increased employee engagement.

  • Engagement can be measured and improved
  • Engaged employees are happier, less likely to resign, less stressed, healthier and improve the productivity of the workplace

The e3 Employee Engagement Team Workshop - This workshop is a full implementation of the Gallup® Q12. You and your team will be enjoy this energizing program proven to increase employee engagement and productivity. We do the work of implementation and you and your team enjoy the results.

INFLUENCE e3 CONNECTION Increase your influence through connection

Do you ever wonder why it seems that everyone in your office is talking to each other but no one is actually listening? Everyone seems to have their own agenda and patients leave without feeling truly valued. It could be that the culture of your practice is one of  communication, rather than a culture of connection.

“Connection is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.” ( John Maxwell)

Connection and influence are skills that can be learned by every member of your team. Create a culture where you, your team and your patients feel valued by applying the principles from  Everyone Communicates Few Connect™. The e3 team connection principles will energize and empower your team to become influencers!

influence through connection
Clifton StrengthsFinder

CREATING THE DREAM TEAM Empower Your Team by Developing Their Strengths

Do you want to improve business outcomes? Start looking at what is right with your team rather than what is wrong with your team.

Strength Finders™ is a survey tool that measures a person’s individual talent AND helps them focus that talent to achieve superior outcomes. This is an evidence-based system backed by 40 years of behavioral research conducted by the Gallup Organization and used by over 23 million people. Through the use of this tool, managers and individuals can improve employee individual satisfaction and organization performance.

The e3 implementation of Strength Finders™  will unlock your team’s ability to accomplish goals by building relationships, thinking strategically, executing plans and influencing others.

Gallup Strengths Coach for Web

Clifton StrengthsFinder

Clifton StrengthsFinder identifies what we naturally do best. It provides customized results that unlock individual and team talents. It shows us how we’re diverse and how to succeed by turning our talents into strengths. Studies prove that focusing more on strengths vs. weaknesses accelerates personal growth. Research shows that when people utilize their strengths they are generally happier, more confident and have higher levels of self-esteem.

People who work from their strengths are more likely to achieve their goals and deliver better performance.

Every person on your team has a talent DNA that can be measured and strengthened.  It explains the unique ways we think, feel, and behave.

Talent X Investment = Strength

Each individual on your staff has talent, but have they honed their talents into strengths that build your practice?

Over the course of my career, I have never worked for anyone and I mean anyone with the leadership skill sets like Tonya. Her ability to coach, lead and mentor sales professionals is best in class and it’s because she truly cares about the person on a professional and personal level. My own professional growth and development I owe to her coaching and the many 1:1 conversations about business or life in general. To this day I still reach out to Tonya for professional advice because I know she will provide sound advice on both sides of the situation. She is a true coach and mentor to me and others as well.

Dave D'Angelo Regional Sales Manager at Biotics Research Corporation


Tonya Ray is the best leader I have ever worked for. She has the ability to quickly assess the needs of a team, and create systems that dramatically improve engagement and communication. The result is a more stable, happy, and productive team. Her style is straightforward and honest but always kind. She has the unique ability to deliver constructive feedback or bad news in a way that empowers change and growth and she can teach other leaders to do the same. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Monica Youngblood Senior Director for Canada, Metagenics


Tonya has the unique ability to coach, educate and inspire. She assesses a situation and is able to break down the improvement opportunities into manageable segments and then designs the appropriate training/coaching plan. I have known Tonya for 15 years and in that time have seen her work effectively with all levels, from Healthcare Practitioners and CEOs, to newly hired employees. She is professional and focused and the results I've observed have been impressive. She also cares, and that's how she is different and why she is so effective."

C.J. Hartmann Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing at Cyanotech Corporation


Make your team your best asset

Your business or healthcare practice represents your past dedication and hard work, your present focus, and the hope of your future.  This all rests in the hands of the individuals on your team. Develop your team like your business depends on it because it does!

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