Tonya Ray, RDH, MA

I began my love for healthcare as a dental hygienist and am always proud to say that I am a previous Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry, now Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

The next chapter of my career led me into the world of corporate healthcare products. I had the privilege of holding senior leadership positions in phenomenal companies such as Teledyne Water Pik, The Gillette Company, (Oral-B), The Procter and Gamble Company, (Crest /Oral-B), Carl Zeiss Vision and Metagenics. As a sales leader and liaison for key option leaders, I had a unique view of the how the top businesses and healthcare practices in the US and Canada function as teams and how they build sustainable growth.

Tonya Ray, RDH, MA 2

While I was helping business owners and healthcare practitioners grow their businesses, I was also learning first-hand that nothing happens in a business until the team can envision where the organization is going, engage in that vision,  and empower them to unleash their unique talents into ideas. That is what I call e3 When that process happens habitually, individuals learn how to turn their talents turn into strengths, the team begins to connect with each other and their customers, and the business or practice grows.

After leading and developing hundreds of people in my career I am excited to show you how to  implement e3 in your business or healthcare practice. Let’s talk soon about unleashing the power of e3 for you and your team.


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