Your team, Your Dream

Develop your team and improve outcomes with the power of e3

There has a been a global change in what people expect from their work. People now expect their workplace to deliver purpose and development.

Tonya Ray Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Tonya Ray built her career by developing those around her as well as developing business and healthcare practice owners.  Through many leadership and executive roles, Tonya developed the “e3” process for teams and individuals. Through the “envision, engage, and empower” process Tonya helps leaders and teams connect with each other. The result is decreased unwanted turnover, increased engagement with organizational goals and increased productivity.

Tonya Ray, RDH, MA

Make your team your best asset

Your business or healthcare practice represents your past dedication and hard work, your present focus, and the hope of your future.  This all rests in the hands of the individuals on your team. Develop your team like your business depends on it because it does!

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